Aloha, I’m Dr. Angie Mueller. I created Core Recovery out of a passion to improving the core health of people of all ages- from the inside out. I offer a unique and effective method for optimizing human core function. My methods are always evolving as I learn new and better ways to strengthen the center of a human being.

The “Core Recovery” philosophy aims to improve the way we understand,

approach, and treat core and pelvic health issues. 

I hold a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University and a Bachelor's in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine from Colorado State University. I specialize in women’s and men’s pelvic health, spine and core rehabilitation, sports medicine, prenatal /postpartum training, and manual therapy. I am enthusiastic and passionate with a focused approach to high-quality care that emphasizes proven techniques to address the deficits that lead to the onset of pain and dysfunction. I use a variety of tools and methods to optimize human core function in people of all walks of life. I also participate as an investigator in ongoing clinical research in the fields of pelvic rehab and dry needling. I am passionate about educating, inspiring, and empowering people everywhere to reconnect with their CORE. 



The most marvelous thing about the human body is it’s ability to heal itself. As a physical therapist, I provide energy and remove obstacles in order to allow healing to occur. I strive to provide my patients with an intelligent combination of conventional and alternative approaches to resolve and prevent pain and injury, while simultaneously optimizing function of the whole magnificent human system. I will make use of all therapies, no matter where they come from, if they prove to be efficacious. I look at people as whole persons- not just physical, but also mental emotional and spiritual beings. I believe it is important to take into account all aspects of a person’s lifestyle and I highly value my relationship with each of my patients. Incredible mentorship from great teachers, and continued training in the latest and best methods have given me a unique understanding of health and wellness that continues to deepen each day. 


My approach today and my current philosophy has been most profoundly influenced by several great minds and spirits that have that took me under their wings and showed me the magic of healing. 

Before starting Core Recovery, I created a women's health program in the Urogynecology department at Kaiser Permanente in Denver, Colorado. The most common conditions I treated at Kaiser was pelvic organ prolapse, urinary and fecal incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic pain surrounding pre and post operative care. My work here was part of a pilot study on the effects of trigger point dry needling in treating pelvic floor dysfunction. During this time I discovered the importance of organ position in relationship to pelvic and spinal health. My dear friend and mentor Cindy Aspromonte, NP introduced me to Mayan Medicine and the works of Rosita Arvigo, ND. When I started incorporating this into my treatment plans, I was in awe at how much quicker my patients improved. This was an incredible experience for me because I was able to observe patterns in thousands of women of all ages and help them achieve optimal pelvic health through both modern science and ancient indigenous medicine. Abdominal Care is still a large part of my practice for both women and men, in sports injuries as well as in pelvic and spinal rehab.

Breath and Postural Training is another large part of my practice today. My perspective in this area was most profoundly influenced Dr. Tamara Rial, PhD. She introduced me to Hypopressive Training, which is a revolutionary methodology that uses breath and posture to lift and detoxify the internal organs, reduce the pressure in the abdomen, and strengthen the deep core muscles. What I learned from her resulted in incredible and fast improvements in my patients with pelvic dysfunction. I went on to teach for her globally expanding continuing education company, Low Pressure Fitness®. Today, I am still very passionate about educating healthcare and fitness professionals on the best and safest way to strengthen the core, especially in populations with pelvic dysfunction. 

I developed her real passion for treating women's health issues and pelvic dysfunction while I served as a clinical director of Providence Physical Therapy in Littleton, Colorado. Providence is a private practice which specializes in women’s and men’s health, pelvic floor rehab, spine care, chronic pain and orthopedics. Here, I lead clinic development plans to extend the populations reached and gained invaluable mentorship in women’s and men’s pelvic rehab from Michele Wesley, DPT and Laura Krum, PhD. 


Certified in Level 1, 2 and 3 advanced functional dry needling through KineticaCore®

Certified in Pelvic Floor functional dry needling through KineticaCore®

Professional Certification in the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy®

Master Trainer in the Hypopressive method through Low Pressure Fitness®